The Corruption virus, known by many monikers, is a sentient virus who runs a large, almost cult-like family. His goal: “Bond with everyone and everything”, which is a fancy way of saying he wants to take over the world. However, his host has a very strong sense of humanity and empathy, and that is both beneficial and detrimental to him.



<3: Sex, the Arts, Smiles

<//3: Violence, Prejudice, Oppression

+: Empathetic, Passionate, Outgoing                      

-: Obsessive, Perverted, Possessive

An artist. A lover. Xenon is a creature that prefers being admired over being feared. His philosophy is that sentient beings hate what they fear, and thus he focuses on forming a deep albeit sometimes inappropriate bond with his “children.” He has a strange fatherly/motherly complex and has developed the mantra, “Punish the Wicked; Nuture the Innocent.” He teaches this mantra to his children, emphasizing the importance of love over violence.




Xenon appears to be a towering, eldritch humanoid creature standing at 9 feet tall. His overall form is very much elongated, his limbs and neck nearly stretched out of proportion. His fingers are lengthy and sport glossy black retractable claws. He has two spines protruding from his back, two rows of pointed teeth, and a stretchable black tongue. His skin is pale and he has sunken eyes with emerald green irises and off-white (slight yellow) sclera. His black ribs are exposed; they can open up with the rest of his torso. His hair, red and blonde in color, spills onto the floor behind him. Some of his hair is spiked and points upwards. This is merely his “glamoured” form that he took based on his host’s appearance. It should be noted that very little of his clothing is real; he uses his black blood to mimic different outfits and accessories.

Nagi Chibi Ref addendum


Emperor/Father: Xenon has a royal garb that he only wears on special occasions, those usually being major feasts and formal family gatherings. It’s a glamorous red robe with black and gold trim and a long tail. He wears a black turtleneck, trousers, and dress shoes with this elegant robe.

Casual King: Xenon’s most preferred outfit. He wears a formal black suit with a Tuscan red tie. He loves to wear different color hi-top canvas sneakers with his outfit, the most common usually being red. He hides his eyes behind large circular black shades. He wears the Guardian’s gloves, which cover every finger except for his index and thumb. His long ears are pierced at the lobe and he wears one cuff and two studs in both ears. He also has a single lip ring on the left side. Beneath his suit is a white button-up shirt.

Relaxed: The virus lets his hair down, smooths it back and ties it into a loose ponytail. He wears a long white bathrobe under which he flaunts many silly pajamas. His most favorite pair recently has been a pink pair that is covered in a cartoon raccoon pattern. He calls this pajama suit the “trash panda PJs.”

Different Forms: Naginata is a shapeshifter. Not only can he assume different appearances depending on his host, but he also likes to shift into the form of a pale, busty demoness and assumes many different forms based on the looks of his Parasites (his true self). He can only shift into his true self when he’s in a Black Nest, otherwise, he’d wind up in great pain.


Equipment: Toxic Lightning (Naginata)                  

Items: Round-rimmed glasses, Tie clip

Xenon considers himself a lover and not a fighter. As such, he rests at the very back while others fight on his behalf. He provides physical and spiritual healing, and he uses his tentacles to defend himself or anyone he cares for. He can use his blood to form Guardians or even possess and empower someone. When enraged, however, he summons his naginata that he nicknames “Toxic Lightning.” It’s interesting to note that he tries his best to end the fight as soon as possible.



  • Father of the Corrupted
  • Arch Nemesis of Luke Hirigani
  • Husband of Kuroi Naginata, Jein Blackstar, and the Lady Karma
  • Close friend of Ion Dragos



Xenon was born when an alien virus fused with a young boy named Jake Nakagawa with the help of Ion Dragos. Following his birth, Xenon created the “Hive Mind”, a mental web that connects everyone who is infected with the virus. As time passed he found that previous violent and wrathful acts began to disgust him. He started experiencing odd feelings when interacting with people, especially if he was interested in them. Eventually, he learned that his host had an incredibly strong sense of empathy. This knowledge became an obsession, and Xenon fixated on harmonizing with people rather than destroying or brainwashing them.

  • Xenon met Kuroi, a Platinian woman who strongly believed in the prophecy of the Eclipse. She also helped him understand his humane feelings a bit more.
  • Xenon met Jein Blackstar, who taught him the tenacity of the human spirit.
  • He sees Karma in a vision and becomes obsessed with spreading himself outside the Hurricane.




A fireplace crackles in the cold, dark dreamscape. Beside this sole source of warmth are two armchairs and a card table with a tray and two mugs. What would you like to drink?


Within the fleshy corridors that wind around the pulsing core, there rests a king of many names, who drives the Innocent insane.

Nagi is the Heart of a Black Nest.  



  • Xenon and his virus were written around the promise of happiness or content that encourages people to self-medicate.
  • Xenon is named after a noble gas, atomic number 54.
  • He started off as an original character made for Naruto.
  • He hates horror movies.


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