The digital equivalent of Ambrosia; a virtual reality of sorts. The WWN exists as a digital copy of Ambrosia, though the sky is tealer and there are virtually little to no clouds. If the network was to become corrupt, like the shadow network, the sky would literally turn purple and black, gooey particles would ooze out of the ground.

The WWN is used as a means of communication, transportation (mostly by Hunter forces), a method of Corruption (someone's personal domain could go Corrupt and they could turn in the real world), a method of mental and psychological healing (or harm, mostly by Naginata and as displayed through the Hive Mind), and much more.

WWN Terms

  • Bridge: A virtual portal that is used to access public and private domains. Can only be accessed with the assistance of a Hacker.
  • Domain: Domains are split into two categories: public and private. Public domains are virtual versions of real locations, though there are some that are completely fabricated in the WWN. Private domains, also referred to as "Anima or Persona Psych Maps" are domains that serve as a virtual map of the owner's psyche.They can only be accessed by Hackers.
  • Port: A small part of a Domain, such as a City to a State. Ports contain a Central Tower that serves as a Library, a Status Monitor (that monitors the status of the port), a Security Center, and a Control Center (for electric, etc).
  • PA/AA: The Persona Address of a Persona in the WWN. Similar to one's Social Security number, the PA/AA is used as a way of identifying and tracking persons of interest.
  • Anima/Persona: Virtual beings who live in the WWN. Personas are fabricated completely by the Network (but have a chance of being brought into the real world), and Animas are programs that are virtual representations of their counterpart that exists in the real world. When that counterpart digitizes, they become their Anima. If they have two Animas, their aura state determines which Anima they'd become. (Pure or Corrupt)
  • Hacker: An Anima that possesses the ability to fabricate programs (virtual weapons, transportation, conditions within a certain area, etc) and bridges. Some Hackers can also make their own domains, but these Hackers are rare.
  • Angel Program: An Anima that defends the WWN against the digital Corruption Virus.
  • Devil Program: An Anima that seeks to spread the digital Corruption Virus throughout the WWN.
  • Null Zone: The Null Zone is a vast, flat area that exists outside of public virtual domains. from here, bridges to public and private domains and Persona/Anima Addresses (PA/AA) can be tracked.
  • Net Suit: A digital suit crafted for Animas so that they are able to access their Aura-related powers that wouldn't be able to be accessed otherwise. Net Suits serve as a connection to the real world.
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