Two Kings

Xenon Naginata (top) and Luke Hirigani (bottom).

The TwistedFates Wiki is an encyclopedia with information pertaining to the series. This includes information about For Better or Worse, A Rose for Shurinai, and Dawn of a New Era, and much more. This wiki serves as a comprehensive database for the curious TwistedFates fan.

What is TwistedFates?

TwistedFates is a series of stories about the intertwined fates of two men of royalty: a grumpy prince from a fallen monarchy, and a chill king of a kingdom tainted by his essence (he's a virus). Luke, a slothful man of 48, often attempts to cut his ties with Naginata, this devilish emperor— but he often ends up being obliged to work with him. Then again, with Naginata's greedy sights set on their home island, who wouldn't try to cut ties with him?

Join us in La Seri as two men struggle with their pasts to ensure a brighter future (one not so much as the other).

For a more in-depth intro to TwistedFates, please feel free to read this.

How to Use this Wiki

This wiki is a collection of resources and information regarding the series and is not to be used as a story archive, for it may confuse you! Instead of coming here to get caught up on the story, come here to research a concept if the article is available, such as the concept of Corruption or Aura Vision. While there will be summary snippets, it's preferred that you use this moreso as a reference. <3


The wiki is still in the process of being edited, so if you have any questions that need answering after browsing this forum, your best bet would be to ask your question here. 

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