Xenon Naginata (Left) and Luke Hirigani (right)

The TwistedFates Wiki is an encyclopedia with information pertaining to the series. This includes information about For Better or Worse, A Rose for Shurinai, and Dawn of a New Era, and much more. This wiki serves as a comprehensive database for the curious TwistedFates fan.

What is TwistedFates?

TwistedFates is a series of stories about the intertwined fates of two men of royalty-- one had his chance to become a king stolen from him by the father of his friend long ago, and the other is a devious king who doesn't seem to be royalty with his goofy, laid-back demeanor. Luke, a slothful man of 48, often attempts to cut his ties with Naginata, this devilish king— but he often ends up being obliged to work with him. Then again, with Naginata's greedy sights set on their home island, who wouldn't try to cut ties with him?

Join us in La Seri as two men struggle with their pasts to ensure a brighter future (one not so much as the other).

Our Official Site!

Over at, you can interact with many TwistedFates fans just like you and get in on secrets, goodies, spoiler art, spinoffs, and more. Checking this site out is a plus and is highly suggested by the artist.

Who Created TwistedFates?

Olivia Dugan, a developing artist, created this series and heavily based it off her inspirations and the roleplay sessions she had with her siblings when she was a child. She shows absolute dedication to the development of the series and has made many changes over the past few years. Some characters are based of her childhood heroes, and others are donations from great friends and family of hers, like Kuroi Naginata (from her friend, Emma) and Jein Blackstar (from her sister, "Tea"). Olivia, otherwise known as "Olive" or "Shika" has been working with this series for three years, though she unconsciously developed it when she was younger. She hopes to study animation in college and utilize her newly acquired skills to create an animated TwistedFates series. Most of the art she posts at her deviantART account deal with TwistedFates.

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