"Outsiders" is a title applied to people/creatures who have been involved with the war but have not joined any of the four forces. Outsiders who have left any of the four forces but are still involved in the war are called "Strays", and more than not aggressively stalked by the clan until they are infected. It is rare that a Rebel or Slayer would ever leave their teams; betrayals within the Executioner forces are a lot more common. Special powers are not required for one to be labeled as an "Outsider" or a "Stray", but they are often seen in the most notable of Outsiders. More often than not, an Outsider eventually gains the attention of a Naginata and is stalked until he/she is corrupted. Should an Outsider join one of the four forces and still hold the interest of the clan, more aggressive efforts to infect him/her shall ensue.


- Cid Hirigani
- Raven Hirigani
- Felix Gataelo
- Eto Gataelo
- Andy Ramirez (Later known as Andy Naginata, was infected in TwistedFates: For Better or Worse)

  • There are presently no strays as of the beginning of A Rose for Shurinai, the most recent addition to the series.
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