Perpetually exhausted, Terry is a bitter mama’s boy who deeply values the few relationships he manages to forge. Terry has been incredibly intelligent and talented from a very young age, though he often views this gift as a burden. With his genius comes a large load of responsibility, but it’s okay; he likes to keep busy.



<3: Small gadgets, programming, Penny’s cooking   

<//3: Randolph, sports, rude people

+: Intelligent, Conscientious, Reliable                     

-: Bitter, Petty, Impatient

Terry may come off initially as a bitter, whiny boy genius who has bit off more than he can chew. He’s hyperintelligent and prone to violent outbursts due to the trauma he endured as a child (and presently, considering Luke is his boss). When he’s calm, he’s a very down-to-earth, sarcastic  man who isn’t afraid to be straightforward with his thoughts. As such, he’s locked horns with Luke and even some of the lieutenants from time to time. He loves his mother and father dearly and feels it’s his duty to protect his mother from his older brother, Randolph. There are many occasions where he mutters incredibly violent threats, but he rarely follows through with more of the extremes.


Terry stands at 6’1” and sports a lean, almost thin body type. He is an Auronian male with cerulean blue eyes. He wears his thick, curly black hair over his right eye due to exposure to Corruption’s pure essence. His hair is styled similar to his mother’s: thick bangs around his face, two cowlicks at the back of his head, and bob-cut. He has pale peach skin and dark red freckles across his nose.



On Duty: Terry’s favorite color combination to wear is red and white, and it shows in his uniform. He wears a white trench coat with red cuffs and a large utility belt around his hips. Atop his coat is a poncho with large red shoulder guards and collar. Beneath his coat a sleeveless black turtleneck and white pants. He wears four metal rings around his limbs and pairs of white shoes and gloves. A power symbol is embroidered into the back of his gloves.

Casual: Terry likes to dress on the “biz casual” side, usually preferring oxford dress shoes with a relaxed wardrobe. More often than not, however, he’s still wearing his trench coat. He was worn sweaters and t-shirts, but sightings have been rare.

“School”: Terry often goes undercover in the Auron Education System during his visits back home. As such, he sports the Heather High uniform: brown, sleeveless sweater with the school crest, white button-up shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. He usually switches out his round-rimmed glasses with slim, rectangular ones. He also switches out his rebel gear for a sleeker, stealthier version; his glove computer, for example, is switched out in favor of a smartwatch.


Terry shooter smaller.png


Equipment: Sawed-off shotgun, .45 Handgun, Portable Computer System             

Items: Laser Cartridges, Incendiary Shells, Standard Shells, Bounce Shells, Shock Shells, Shock Trap, Briefcase, White Herbal Serum, Health Serum, Med Kit (2), Water Pellets

Terry is a bold one when it comes to the many altercations he and his team encounter. He prefers to be out in the field on the front lines and even behind enemy lines, sabotaging the enemy’s operations where he can. His sawed-off shotgun provides an explosive offense while his briefcase doubles as a blunt weapon and shield. Terry is incredibly fast, but his thin form allows for him to be thrown around quite easily. Still, he makes up for it with his aggressive fighting style.



  • Son of Penny and Scott Livingston
  • Younger brother of Randolph Livingston
  • Close friend of Luke Hirigani and Gale Shurinai
  • Love interest of Celia Swann


Born to Scott and Penny Livingston, Terry was a very curious and excitable child. After many attacks at the hands of his jealous older brother Randy, Terry became quiet and reserved. His passion shone through his work and he placed among the top students in the Young Programmers elective at school. Because of this, Terry’s educators recommended him to a university. Three years later, a small group of Xenon Naginata’s children abducted him.

  • Endured rigorous training with Kitsu and Ash. Met Luke and admired him.
  • Runs away with Luke and Gale.
  • Briefly returns home after Luke founded the Rebels.
  • Gets his sweet, sweet revenge by tormenting Randolph during his stay.



Terry “cheats”, so he can sculpt his Dreamscape to his liking. His favorite is an internet café during an autumn sunset. The café is often situated near a body of water.



In a college dorm on a cold winter night, there’s a desk against a large window. The ceiling-to-floor curtains are parted and Terry’s laptop is open and surrounded by a variety of papers. On the wall are several posters, and a plethora of figurines line the shelves.



  • Terry bears a striking resemblance to his mother, just like the author and her mom!
  • The author jokes that Terry is the patron saint of patience. He is not.
  • Terry only "uses” his right eye when he’s in the Network. He’s technically half-blind.


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