Terry headshot

Terry Livingston.

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Terrance Scott Livingston
Alias: Peppermint // Terry // Peppy
Age: 24 cycles (appears younger)
Species: Auronian (Ex)
Wielder Type: Dual
Aura Art Type: Neutral
Essence Trigger: Glasses


Can be sarcastic, but sweet at heart. Very high work ethic; has a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Very intelligent and willing to share his knowledge with others. Quick to anger at times.


- Technology

- Nyms (Serian Bunnies)

- Red/White color combinations

- Quiet places to work

- Reading/writing

- Celia

- Being able to relate to someone

- Penny and Scott (His mother and father)

- His friends (though, Luke pisses him off sometimes)

- Circle-rimmed glasses

- Turtlenecks

- Incubus the Benevolent (He hates to admit it)


- Randy (his older brother)

- People who yell

- Corruption (Ash and Kitsu especially)

- Bullies

- Soccer (associates it with Randy)

- Broken things

- Parasites

- Senseless violence (he snaps at Luke for his violent tendencies)

- People who talk back/down to him ("Don't sass me.")

- "Duffers" (Idiots)

Terry hacker


Tall, lanky (as common with most Exes). Black, curly hair; one bang covers the right third portion of his face, including his right eye, which is still flushed completely black from the Corruption. Long neck, freckles, deep blue eyes, very thick eyebrows. Has a small gap between his two front teeth; fangs. There is a small power symbol on both his hands; a scar leftover from the Corruption as well. Often wears red and white outfits; his main outfit is a white poncho with a red high color. The trench coat beneath it also has a high collar, and it has large, red cufflinks with bright gold buttons.

The jacket's "shoulder pads" (as well as the ponchos) are also red in color. He wears a white bodysuit underneath it all, synthetic metal white boots, and circle-rimmed glasses (for style). He wears a large belt of ammo packs around his waist.

Weapons, Abilities, WeaknessesEdit

Terry received a lot of his training from Ash and Kitsu Naginata while he was under the influence of Corruption. He later was taught a few things by Luke Hirigani after the founding of the Rebels. He also phases between reality and the Network, a digital world that coexists with Ambrosia.


La SeriEdit

Teal Aura

  • Fires teal lightning from his fingers when in a pinch.

Handgun/Sawed-off Shotgun [Can fire regular, Laser, and Aura bullets/shells.]


Handgun and Sawed-off Shotgun become sword/gun hybrids.

  • Stun: Bullets/slashes can stun enemies.
  • Flash grenades

Terry shooter

La SeriEdit

Can use the Quicksilver Essence.

Hack [Needs physical contact with an electronic device to make Network-related hacks.]

Defy Gravity [Can walk on walls/ceilings. BONUS: Can walk on water/thin ice.]

Super speed [Almost teleports short distances.]


Quicksilver Essence

Digi Essence [His true Hack abilities are unlocked]


Fire Essence


Corruption (Venom, etc)

Blunt force (can withstand to a certain degree, but it does super hurt)

Earth Essence

Wind Essence

Sound Essence

Celia (He's a hopeless romantic-- super shy)

Background StoryEdit

Terry was a boy genius from a very young age; ever since his mother noticed the elaborate set-ups in his playpen, he was given limited access to the Network. After he accidentally overrode the parental settings, Terry's mother realized that the boy had an incredible liking for digital products and sent him on his way to the Auron Education System's school for technology. Terry's grades were substantial until his older brother, Randy, started picking on him out of spite and jealousy. The boy spent a lot of his days curled up in his bedroom, reading and sometimes crying. It was when he was 10 cycles that he was abducted from University and Corrupted. After harsh training under Ash and Kitsu Naginata, Terry become a strong, very knowledgable youth with exceptional Hacking abilities. After he was freed from his fate as one of Naginata's first "Walking Hearts", Terry was taken under Luke's wing. The older man taught the boy how to become both strong and independent. Terry also managed to pick up Luke's short fuse and bitter sarcasm, and spends his days making his older brother's life a living hell.


> The author has named her pet kitten after Terry, as suggested by her sister.

> Terry's concept is highly inspired from the Megaman X franchise, a mix of X and Axl with slight variations in personality and appearance.

> Terry has an undying love for bunnies.

> Terry studies his friends closely, picking up on their perks and quirks quickly, as shown in Rose for Shurinai when he purchases a Bubblegum Shake for his friend Gale.

> Sometimes, Terry can be a bit socially awkward.