Specters are ghost-like beings used by Xenon Naginata to possess and mutate a host's properties to match his properties, stacked on top of the abilities of the regular abilities of the host. When detached from a host, they look like apparitions composed of Parasite blood and sculpted to look like Xenon; only their eyes are completely green and naturally glow. They also appear to be riddled with Parasite Eggs. For every 10,000 Parasite Eggs Naginata vomits, there is one Specter egg. Unfortunately, these creatures can multiply if there is enough Parasite blood around.

Summoning a SpecterEdit

Specters can only be created by highly concentrated venom, parasite blood, and the dna of Xenon Naginata compressed into a small, pure black object that appears to be a blackened Parasite Egg. The egg must hatch within a host, be it Nagi or some unlucky victim. The egg then expands, bursting its contents into the person's system until the Specter is formed, taking over the body of whoever was forced to swallow the egg. If Xenon uses the egg on himself, he'd vomit the Specter when it is finished forming.

Physical effectsEdit

Though the victim still looks the same, a trait that carries across all Specter hosts are Xenon Naginata's "Evil eyes" (snake-like pupils and eyes that appear to be sunken in). The longer the victim is the host of the Specter, the more like Xenon Naginata the host becomes. However, the face of the victim remains.