Silvania is the easternmost point of the Land of Seven Riches. It’s a wetland with a good portion of its mainland being underwater. There are areas that are above water for Silvanians who prefer air to sea. Silvania’s land above water is broken into 8 miniature islands and is home to the glittering Mithril Sea.

Silvania’s underwater homes, otherwise known as “Bubble Homes”, allow even Serians without gills to enjoy the beauty of the Mithril Sea from below.

Locations of Interest

Silver City – Known for its bubble homes and buildings that shimmer with a silver brilliance beneath the Mithril Sea’s surface, Silver City is the beautiful capital of Silvania.

Mithril Hall – This hall is where the Silvanian council operates. It is also the center of trade, commerce, and education in Silvania.

Silvanian Library Ruins – A partially submerged library that houses a vast collection of knowledge, including information on worlds outside of Ambrosia. Sadly, due to Ambrosia’s isolated state from the rest of existence, a lot of this knowledge has been deemed irrelevant.

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