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[[File:Serian_Examples_-Seth-.png|thumb|left|400px|Examples of Serians. From left to right: Saphanian, Silvanian, Auronian, Jagaian, Rubanian, Oniyan/Corrupted.]]Serians are a diverse group of people, some dwell under water, some dwell in the forests, some are about as close to human as you can get, and some are far from it. Where such a vast amount of diversity comes from is unknown, but the magic that envelops the island might have something to do with it. There are Corrupted variations of each of the pure races. For a complete set of references, [ check here].
[[File:Serian Races 2018.png|thumb|829x829px]]
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===Standard Silvanian===
Silvanians are water dwellers that can also survive on land. They all have a uniform skin color (including the spot around the eyes, slight variations of the skin tone are often found), and their hair colors are usually cool colors (purple, blue, etc.). At the tip of their ears is a silver color with a rounded boundary. There are fins on their heads, forearms, and lower legs (and between their fingers and toes) that increase swimming speed and boost overall swimming efficiency. Three gills on both sides of their necks help them to breathe underwater.Usually, Silvanians don't go over 6 feet in height. They are peaceful and find pride in the waters of Silvania. A rare amount of Silvanians (mainly the powerful leaders) posess the ability to walk on water, a skill that the Naginata have also inherited. Typically, they wear water-proof clothing, though they do wear other types of clothing when walking on land (shorts, capris, tank-tops, etc.). Their clothing must be cut to let their gills stick out freely.
===Corrupted (Siren)===
When corrupted, Silvanians become Sirens, aggressive red-skinned water dwellers that, similar to Ferals and Dragons, is overtaken by a huge urge to infect an innocent victim. Not only are the physical forms elongated, but the fins become elongated and sharper-- almost enough to be lethal. The sclera turns black and the pupils disappear. All fins turn a very dark grey, and the Siren's nails become black claws. The spinal column is also exaggerated. Sirens swim a lot faster than the average Silvanian and only let out a deep hissing sound. Until they are completely corrupted or cured, they will remain in this state. When a Siren is completely corrupted, the sclera in its eyes turns white, the pupils return, and the Siren, now a Naginata, is sane-- for the most part. It's also interesting to note that they are really good, sly fighters like their counterparts (the Ferals and the Dragons).
===Standard Saphanian===
Standard Saphanians are land dwellers that have keen senses of hearing, smelling, and seeing. While their skin colors vary greatly, they are rarely pale-skinned. They have feline/canine ears that sit either on the top or sides of their heads, and the fur of the ears are never black. They are able to run at great speeds and climb trees with ease. They are really in tune to nature, and some even follow the Diamonian religion (they are a very spiritual race). Like Silvanians, Auronians, and Jagaians, they never really go over 6 feet in height. They don't have tails, and their teeth are omnivorous. Typically, they wear summer/autumn themed clothing, as it is usually warm in Saphania.
===Corrupted (Feral)===
When corrupted, Saphanians become known as Ferals, aggressive beast-like creatures that, similar to the other corrupted races, is overtaken by a raging urge to infect or slay an innocent victim. All fur of the Ferals' ears and newly acquired tails is black, and the fur is usually fluffy/spiked. The hair of a Feral often appears to be unkempt. Again, the sclera turns black and the pupil is lost. The form of the body (neck, arms, legs, etc.) is elongated, and the spinal column is exaggerated. Ferals are very agile and seem to be deadly trained martial artists.Ferals have a loud battle cry that sounds like a mixture between a bird screech, a high-pitched roar, and a hiss. When a Feral is completely corrupted, the sclera in its eyes turns white, the pupils return, and the Feral, now a Naginata, is somewhat sane. Their tail-whip attacks (aside from their regular deadly martial arts attacks) are a force to be reckoned.
===Standard Auronian===
The Auronians are well known for the glimmering golden tips of their ears. They don't have odd features, save for the long, pointed ears. Small, golden inverted triangles with rounded edges adorn each of their cheeks. Auronians have the least stable [[Aura]] , making them an easy target for the Corrupted. A Corrupted Auronian looks exactly like a standard Oniyan.
===Standard Jagaian===
Jagaians are noted for their piercing, reptile-like yellow eyes with no pupils. They are a highly aggressive, war driven race, though some of them are kind and calm. They're generally very brute people, possessing physical strength that enables them to carry jade deposits-- though some of them would rather make their Rubanian slaves do all the work. However, there are a few cases of genuinely kind Jagaians. Most of them are shunned for their lack of war-like instincts, resulting in their fleeing to the East.
===Corrupted Jagaian (Dragon)===
Dragons, unlike their Pure counterparts, are very pleasant on the outside, however sly they may actually be. They tend to take a more gentle approach to anyone outside of their circle. They appear dramatically different from a normal Jagaian as well; the normal signs of a Corrupted (pale skin, elongated body, markings) are present, but they also have a slick, black tail that they can use for many different tasks. They also now have snake-like pupils, and the spectrum of iris colors is a lot more extensive than the mandatory yellow color of their counterparts.
===Standard Rubanian===
The "bunny people" from the land of the Ruby have trademark fluffy white ears that appear to be like an alteration of the bunny. The "fur" is always white, and has red markings on the tips. However, when they are born and until they reach age 16, they have plain white Rubanian ears (no marks) that stick up. On their 16th birthday, their ears curl into giant "puff-balls", similar to the ears of a Nym. After that point forward, their ears begin to droop and the Rubanian markings appear. Generally, their ears stop growing at their knees, if they were to grow to that point. A vast majority of Rubanians have skintones ranging from tan to dark, but there are instances of slightly lighter skinned Rubanians. Similar to when they dwelled in what used to be a temperate forest region with industrial elements built around it, Rubanians are very nimble yet fragile. However, after being forced into slavery when the war ended, a lot of Rubanians developed a brute strength that almost rivals their Jagaian enemies. 
===Corrupted Rubanian===
The most alarming feature is the black bunny ears that have dramatically increased in length. Where a standard Rubanian's ears range from around a foot from the top of their head (infant) to around their knees (adult), a Corrupted Rubanian's ears are always drooping and range from the bottom of their neck (infant) to their feet (adult). They also have the elongated features and markings that signal their Corrupted fate. They seem to behave in a manner similar to Dragons, but where Dragons suddenly become ferocious in order to apprehend their prey, they remain delusional and always insist that the infection is for the better good, similar to a standard Corrupted being. (though, in the end, all people under the influence of the purple aura believe that they are in fact helping people be happy.)

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