The Land of Seven Riches possesses a wide, fantastical variety of flora and fauna. Legend has it that if any Serian fauna is spotted outside of the isle, someone from La Seri have been there. An example of this can be seen on Charon, where it's been rumored that Corruption had been moving across the moon.




The Bellshroom is a fungus that usually grows in deep forested areas. Sprouts differ from their mature forms in that the cap sticks straight up. During its juvenile stage, the bellshroom's stem is at its stiffest and the cap points straight up. When they mature, the bellshrooms' stems become limp towards the top, giving off the appearance of a hanging bell. The "bells", that is, the caps of the mushrooms ring in response to seismic stimulation. If they're uprooted, they'll ring for an average period of 48 hours when shaken.

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