Serian Currency- Pearls

Serian Pearls (left to right) Sapphire, Silver, Golden, Jade, Ruby, Onyx, and Diamond.

The Serian form of currency is called the "Pearl". There are seven forms of pearls, each rarer than the former and thus more valuable. Pearls have a vibrant glow about them and levitate at least half an inch from the ground/floor when dropped to prevent bouncing and breaking, suggesting that this is a magic form of currency. They are about ¾ “ in diameter and are usually kept in small pouches, like marbles. If one tries to push them together, they usually push apart (the Onyx Pearl pushes other pearls away from itself the hardest, think of it like trying to push two negatively charged magnets together).

The value of each pearl doubles if used in its corresponding district (for example, if one uses a golden Pearl in Auron, the value would be 20).

The abbreviation for the Pearl currency is pal.


Sapphire Pearl (1)
Silver Pearl (5)
Golden Pearl (10)
Jade Pearl (20)
Ruby Pearl (100)
Onyx Pearl (500)
Diamond Pearl (1000)
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