In addition to the five senses, there are two additional senses that special people inside and out of the Hurricane have.

The Sixth Sense

See that which has passed on.

A person can detect spirits, but this sense does not guarantee the ability to speak or interact with them. Some people report strange or ominous visions. These visions are actually indicative that the person can obtain the Seventh Sense.

The Seventh Sense

See that which should not exist.

A person can interact with spirits. This sense comes with the ability to see across the dimensions—particularly into the Phantom Dimension. Some of the people gifted (or cursed) with the Seventh Sense can travel to La Seri and physically exist there, either through death or by dreaming. it is said that everyone La Seri is born with the Seventh Sense; if they were to leave the Hurricane, they can still detect their home.

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