Saphania is the second district in La Seri. It is a heavily forested biome with massive trees and the occasional clearing. The land is organized into “rings”, with the outer ring being Saphania Shore and the innermost ring being the Saphra Mountains. There is no record of what could be hidden within these mountains, but the Saphanian Council and the Knights of La Seri make it a special point to stay away from them.

Saphania is mostly known for its massive trees, in and around which the citizens build their homes.

Locations of Interest

Azure Road – A massive road that pierces through the rings of Saphania, though it bends around the Saphra Mountains.

Saphania Shore – Known as the most peaceful shore in La Seri, Saphania Shore is a popular tourist destination. There are small villages on these shores, though they are few and far between.

Lapis Hall – The hall where the Saphanian Council operates.

Knights Central HQ – Where exactly Knights HQ is located is a mystery, but it is rumored to be somewhere in Saphania.

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