Rewiring is a process in which a Manipulator (a Corrupted being who can manipulate mind and matter to his/her liking) scrambles and "reprograms" the thought process of a victim. There are four main methods of Rewiring, two of which require physical contact. More techniques are being developed.

With the use of telepathy, the predator uses the established conection as a bridge to the mind, quickly changing the victim's thought process to his/her liking. Rewiring requires an immense amount of focus on the predator's behalf.

Through the ear

More commonly used by the Oniyan Emperor. The predator sticks his/her tongue in the target's ear, piercing the ear drum and the rest of the internal structure of the head until it pierces through the brain, where it remains lodged.

Eye Contact

The bridge to the mind is created through eye contact. Once eye contact is made, the target and predator's gazes are locked, and the process can begin.

Full Telepathy

No physical or eye contact is made. Though the target must be in sight, more skilled beings don't require any contact.

Palm or finger to head

The predator rests a hand/finger on the target's cranium.

Mental Effects

The target's thoughts and sometimes actions are controlled by the predator. The predator, if really skilled, can even speak and act through the target. Once the person is released, he/she may often have night terrors and often intrusive thoughts from his/her predator. Other symptoms of a previous rewiring include chills, fainting, and small hysterical episodes. This is more commonly identified in an "Untainted" victim, though Corruption is possible through rewiring.

Use in the story

In Chapter 10 of TwistedFates: For Better or Worse , Xenon Naginata uses this technique to alter the mind of Dragoon, who later went on to become an Elite Guardian.

Another character capable of using this technique is Travis Naginata, who used it in the Prologue of For Better or Worse.

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