Parasites are living creatures that spread the Corruption virus through different means. They appear to be based off a variety of different animals, i.e., the arachnia variation appears to be based on a scorpion. It’s interesting to note that there are technically Parasites inside all of the Corrupted. Below is a list of the different types of corrupted Parasites:

  • Egg- Even Parasite eggs are infectious and can spread the virus as the creature bonds with its host after it hatches.
  • Larva- The first stage of a Parasite’s life. These small mounds of slithering organic material have often been compared to slugs and maggots. They evolve depending on their environment into certain other species, i.e., a larva that hatches underwater may evolve into a pygo.
  • Leviathan- The most commonly seen variation. Leviathans are said to also be the spines of the Corrupted.
  • Python- A purely black-venom-based creature. They are slick, black, sticky, and mostly featureless.
  • Aranae- A spider-like creature. Aranae parasites utilize their sharp legs and mandibles to burrow into a victim’s skin. They’re most commonly seen attached to the back of someone’s neck.
  • Pygo- A fish-like Parasite. As the appearance suggests, these are strictly aquatic beasts. They swim at alarming speeds when on the prowl for someone or something to infect. A gel-like substance functions as a “see-through body.”
  • Arachnia- A scorpion-like Parasite. Arachnia parasites thrive in desert regions, using their stretchable tail to sting other living creatures.
  • Anguilla- Another aquatic Parasite, anguillas appear to be giant eels. They too have “see-through” bodies and can measure from 20-26 feet long.
  • Phantom- A relatively new variation, phantoms appear to be humanoid parasites with limited self-awareness. The more self-aware the Phantom is, the more dangerous it becomes; there have been reports of fully functioning Phantoms that stand up straight and even blend into crowds of people.
  • Baleon- The rarest Parasite of all. These behemoths are based on whales. Unlike their other aquatic cousins, baleon parasites do not have transparent bodies. They can measure up to 75 feet long.
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