Naginata-parasite king

Xenon Naginata as a Released Parasite King. Released Kings and Queens, unless one of the Warlords, have Grey Skin.

Parasite Kings and Queens are creatures who can naturally produce Parasites inside their bodies. While they are Corrupted, there are different alterations to their bodies to show that they are one of the creatures that spawn Parasites. These beings can easily attach to the Cores of Nests and shift them, though only one Parasite King, Patient Zero of the Corruption Virus, can create the Nests. While the rule of rings still applies to them, they have two rings around their necks and extremely long hair. They usually don't have the Oniyan markings on their faces, but there is usually some kind of special marking on their face. Some Parasite Queens and Kings have one Oniyan marking under their eye, usually on the opposite side from their dominant hand.

Parasite King

Parasite Kings are generally laid back people, conserving their energy and attempting to moderate their stress, due to their mental attachment to their venom levels. Some Kings are more aggressive than others; all Kings have an "Offense" state of mind that increases their ability to defend themselves; Ironically, this state of mind can only be switched on when their cluster of eggs/people of interest (aka "Marked" targets) are in danger of being damaged/destroyed. Parasite Kings, as opposed to Queens, are actually pretty thin (though Oniyans are thin in general). This is because their adrenaline levels often push their Venom levels high enough to the point where they actually vomit more eggs than Queens. They also produce a lot of grey saliva and can actually vomit Larvae, should they swallow their egg vomit. Similar to Queens, Kings can sprout Parasite from any part of their body.

Parasite Queen

A Parasite Queen, like the Parasite King, has different physical alterations. They also have voluptuous forms, due to their production of Parasites and Eggs. Similar to the King, Queens can spawn Parasites from any part of their body to fend for them, as they are limited in physical ability, especially when nursing. However, when out of the nursing state, Parasite Queens are a force to reckon. Queens can vomit eggs as well, though they can release the eggs from other (more discreet) places. While their Venom levels are easy for them to control, there is a monthly period where their Venom levels are prone to skyrocketing.

  • Incubus the Benevolent
  • Kuroi Naginata
  • "Lady Karma" (Crossover)


When accessing their Released states, Parasite Kings and Queens actually have two Released forms as opposed to one; one is the standard Released Corrupted, and the other is a Released King/Queen, which appears to be the creature fused with a specific Parasite Model, the model that they are associated with via a black marking on their back. Patient Zero has no marking on his back because he is able to transform into the Parasite that he recently has had contact with. Similar to the standard Released, Released Kings and Queens can only access their forms in purely Corrupted areas.

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