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Penny Livingston, one of the Purist Outsiders.

Outsiders are people not officially included in the Naginata or Hunter ranks, but still have involvement in the War Against/For Corruption. Some Outsiders are supporters of Corruption; others are against it. Usually, an Outsider has some form of special ability and limited knowledge of the Corrupted beings and the creatures associated with them. They are also aggressively stalked by the Corrupted.

The Purist Outsiders

These beings usually have element-based abilities and usually dwell in Auron. Their powers are usually discovered upon their first exposure to a Corrupted, though their potential powers can be unlocked by an Oracle. Some "Pure" Outsiders can be slightly Tainted; Cid Hirigani, born with hemophilia, was attacked by a Parasite, thus losing the medical condition. His body was slightly altered due to the exposure.

  • Feng Gataelo
  • Felix Gataelo
  • Eto Gataelo
  • Cid Hirigani
  • Raven Hirigani
  • Penny Livingston
  • Alice Utada
  • Forrest Karell

The "Tainted" Outsiders

"Tainted" Outsiders are beings who may or may not have had exposure to an Infected/Corrupted but have yet to officially become part of the Naginata clan. Similar to their Purist counterparts, Tainted Outsiders discover their powers (usually more magic/psychic based) when they are exposed to an Infected/Corrupted, usually out of sacrafice, be it intentional or against their will. They're often referred to as "brain washed" people, and will go to great lengths to drag their Purist counterparts with them into the "loving arms of the Warlords".

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