Gale Shurinai

Gale Shurinai, the Azure Oracle.

Oracles are beings of mysterious descent, believed to be either descendants of Diamonians or chosen by Diamonians to protect the Life Stream of Ambrosia. However, some Oracles have become Corrupt, going against the wishes of their ancestors and supporting the tainting of Ambrosia and its inhabitants. They also posess the abilities of Shamans and Psychics, contacting warriors on and off Ambrosia to warn them of the coming Corruption. Corrupt Oracles, often referred to as "Witches", often lure these warriors into the Corruption, where they become fearsome, powerful Guardians. They also posess the ability to travel and communicate in the World Wide Network as "Angel" and "Devil" programs, sentient beings who either cure or spread the Corruption Virus in the virtual world.

Pure Oracles

Pure Oracles, sometimes referred to as "Angels", ("Angel Program" in the Network) are friendly, often grieving beings who have taken on the form of one of the four remaining Pure races. They have a separate form in which they become ghost-like beings clothed in white robes styled to appear Diamonian, giving more of a hint that these are Diamonian-nominated creatures. They can form weapons completely out of Pure energy, and to a Corrupted, it has about 50 times the damage of a conventional weapon. Pure Oracles have white Auras/Life Forces. There can only be one of each Oracle, though there are three Ivory Oracles.

  • Gale Shurinai (Azure Oracle)
  • ??? (Ivory Oracle)
  • ??? (Ivory Oracle)
  • ??? (Ivory Oracle)
  • ??? (Ivory Oracle)
  • Alice Utada (Viridian Oracle)

Corrupt/Tainted Oracles (Witches)

Corrupt Oracles, otherwise known as "Witches" or "Devils" ("Devil Program" in the Network). They are cunning, often conspicuous (sometimes even a bit mentally unstable) beings who have taken on the form of the Corrupted Races. They have another form in which they become black ghosts that appear to be made completely of Parasite blood, similar to Naginata's Specters and Shadow Guardians. They're usually partially nude, wearing torn, pointed and blackened versions of the Diamonian robes. They can form weapons out of Corrupted energy; the aptitude of the wound these creatures inflict determine how quickly the prey turns. Corrupt Oracles have Black Auras/Life Forces, similar to Released Oniyans and Parasite Kings/Queens.

  • Sharron Hin (Noire Oracle)
  • Count Drakken (Crimson Oracle)
  • ??? (Violet Oracle)
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