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Oniyex, previously Platinia and Amethysia (respectively), is the land of the Corrupted. Its very soil, grass, and water are tainted by the essence of Corruption. This is a wasteland/snow mountain biome. Above is Diamonia, the cloudy floating island of the black diamond. Within the White Mountains, there is a springy grassland region known as the Bloodstone Crown. Each of these locations are homes to one of the three Warlords, Parasite Kings and a Parasite Queen that controls the Oniyan military force. The people of Oniyex, known as the Corrupted, are infected with the Corruption virus and often live in lively little underground towns. Their technology is often powered by Tainted magic, though they do make use of average Serian tech.
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== Climate ==
Oniyex always experiences a night like time of day due to the heavy clouds of dark matter. Because the clouds are so dense, it's generally cool in Oniyex, with temperatures dipping down to about 20 below zero Fahrenheit. Oniyex experiences snow fall at least ¾ of each year. When it is not snowing, it is usually raining, and temperatures are usually mild. 
== Locations of Interest ==
Despite its barren wasteland exterior, there are certain locations in Oniyex that are worth knowing about. We'll start on the border between Jagaia and Oniyex and move westward from there.
*<u>Tidal Wave</u>
- Tidal Wave is a surf shop/bar being run by Gale Shurinai. This is where many people who have escaped from the clutches of the Naginata go to hide before passing on into Jagaia-- in the rare occasion that they escape. The shop consists of a circular lounge, a patio, a balcony, and a secret location where Shurinai gives refuge to the fugitives. It is being funded by Felix Gataelo and Cid Hirigani, which explains why it hasn't been shut down (even with the lack of customers). Despite the lack of customers, the shop still offers top quality surfing gear. Rumors go around that Shurinai has weapons stashed in the shop for the fugitives to defend themselves against the "unwelcome".
*<u>Crystal Caverns</u>
- The Crystal Caverns used to be the source of most of the Platinum Ore when Platinia existed. It also has been revealed to be the hiding place of Luke's father and other Platinians before they were brutally slain by the elite Guardians (aka the Rouge, or the Reds). Now that Platinia has been captured, the crystal caverns are filled with dark matter (crystallized and fog), and Guardians that have been assigned to patrol there. The Caverns are like a maze (lit by Dark Matter crystals), and they serve as an access point to Cloud 9. They are riddled with colossal halls with pillars, suggesting that the caverns were used by an ancient civilization. It serves as a a vast access point to the Sunstone Lake, the Bloodstone Crown, and even Diamonia— it's just a matter of navigating there.
*<u>Naginata's Mansion</u>
is a bright cream-colored mansion at the far west of Oniyex. This is where all members of the Royal family and their honored guests (even some Common-blooded Oniyans) reside. Captives are also housed here.
*<u>Cloud 9</u>
is a part of what used to be the sky town of Diamonia. It is located near the unknown mountain range. Destiny, the first Warlord, resides deep within this massive temple region. Cloud 9 is overrun with Nero and Azure Guardians, meaning that someone not too friendly lives there...
*<u>The Bloodstone Crown</u>
is an extension of the Bloodstone Mountains. Within the crown is a spring-like region. This vast valley of greenery is home to Incubus the Benevolent and the Blanc Elites (division of the Elite Guardians). There are little sparkling rivers and lakes and dewy grasslands galore-- but the beauty of the region doesn't hide the fact that Dark Matter fog still covers the region. One is advised to be on high alert when traversing this land, for the corrupted wild-life is out for the blood and flesh of a trespasser and the Blanc Elites hide in the bushes and trees, waiting to strike their next victim.

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