Nests are organic structures that serve as breeding grounds for Parasites and humanoid Corrupted beings in mass numbers (though they can be bred outside of the Nest). They take on and alter the shape of the environment in which they are formed and can only be spawned by Patient Zero. There are three important parts of a Nest: the Eggs, the Core, and the Heart. The Heart is protected by a Banshee, an alteration of the Released Corrupted state.

How a Nest is Created

A signal that Xenon Naginata (Patient Zero) is about to make a Nest can be found in his behavior. Around that time, he is incredibly shaky, barely moves unless he's rocking back and forth and painting, and declaring that he's feeling "artsy". He paints in his own blood, a somewhat involutary measure by his body to vent as much Venom as possible so that he does not go beserk. On an interesting note, these paintings can be of someone with whom he is obsessed or actually fortell the location of the pending Nest. After Naginata navigates to the location of interest, he usually cuts himself, allowing himself to bleed pure Venom, Parasite blood, and organic material. He shoves his hand in the object to become the Core (or near a place where the object to become the Core is stationed), and tons of the Nest's Organic material spews out of this hole, covering and twisting everything in its path. People caught in the material are automatically mutated and turned into Nest Guardians, special types of Guardians who phase with the Nest and pull unsuspecting wanderers into the walls. There are types of Nest Guardians that can actually completely detatch from the Nest and wander the surrounding areas, disguising themselves as Nero Guardians.

The organic material often stops at a 2-5 mile radius from the Core. The more material (organic and Venom) Naginata stores inside him, the larger the resulting Nest becomes.

Important Elements of the Nest


The Core of the Nest is the most important part of the Nest and its central structure. This is where the Heart of the Nest rests and controls the Nest. The Core is a fleshy column that takes on the form of the closest tall, sturdy object, such as a tree or a radio tower (though in the case of the Radio tower, it'd become one solid mass of organic material).


The sentient Corrupted being who is semi-symbiotically attached to the Nest and is completely synced with the Hive Mind. Hearts are blind, only being able to see through Viral Aura Vision. They often speek with an airy hiss and can only speak in the Oniyan tongue, which is why they often snatch up people to use as messengers to speak through. This means that Hearts are also Manipulators; however, if they were not a Manipulator prior to becoming a Heart, they lose that ability when the Nest disappears. Xenon Naginata has been working on modeling a special Heart that can absorb its Nest similar to him.


Banshees are vicious alterations of the Corrupted Release form with the primary purpose to protect the Heart. These beasts are designated either by the Heart or Patient Zero and, similar to the Parasite Kings and Queens, have two different mindsets, though these are blurred together because they're using offense to defend their master. Some are more slender or built than others, depending on their abilities-- if they are offense heavy, then they are more built, and if they are more defense/manipulation heavy, then they are more slender.There are actually Banshees that can mimic their opponents.

Nest Eggs

Nest Eggs are hollow structures composed of flesh and a material that is similiar to the shells found on Parasites and the Corrupted in their Released states. Parasite Eggs are stored in these, and some of them are left empty so that Corrupted and Untainted can be held inside. Some Nest Eggs are self hatching (especially when bringing someone inside), but Parasites and Corrupted usually tear through the Eggs when they wish to leave them.

Parts of the Nest Egg

  • Shell- a hard gel shell that is attached to either the wall or hangs from thin columns of flesh.
  • Primary Tentacle- A small, thin tentacle about 1/2 inch thick that lodges itself in the back of the neck of a Corrupted/Unwilling victim. It injects a liquid (1/4 part Venom, 3/4 part Parasite Blood) inside of the person, putting them to sleep so that they can be nurtured/Tainted by the Nest.
  • Secondary Tentacles- A group of thick tentacles that push out of the columns of organic material from within the egg to grab hold of the Corrupted/Unwilling victim.
  • Nest Fluid- A liquid that the contents of the egg soaks in. 3/4 part Venom, 1/8 part water, 1/8 part Parasite Blood.
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