Nests are breeding/nurturing grounds for the Corrupted. Nests are also used to infect and assimilate any victims who are brought inside. While the structures can differ depending on the location and condition in which the nest has been created, all structures have eggs, clusters, hives, and a core.

Parts of a Nest

Eggs: These large structures serve as resting places for the Corrupted. Clusters of parasite eggs are also incubated in these. Nest eggs can be used as a method of corrupting anyone they absorb. They are composed mostly of a fleshy, organic substance. The front of these structures are lined with hard, teeth-like spikes that make the eggs appear to have mouths. Inside the nest egg is its “tongue”, a tentacle that snatches its victim and inserts itself inside of them, usually in the back of the head. The insides are lined with more organic material, some of which can be used to form tentacle restraints if necessary.

Hives: These structures are a collection of egg clusters.

Core: The central “control” structure of the Nest. Here, a Heart functions as the Nest’s “mind” and it is guarded heavily by a Banshee. The Core is also host to a branch of the Hive Mind.

Heart: The Heart is the mind of the Nest that controls everything from the Nest’s flesh to its pulse. The pulse is a phenomenon in which the Nest pulsates outward from the Core. Every so often, Venom, signals, and even Corrupted or Parasites travel through the Nest via the pulse.

Banshee: A usually aggressive creature that defends the Core and the Nest’s Heart.

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