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The Knights of La Seri (or Serian Knights) are La Seri's line of defense against the Corruption virus. Where their counterpart, the Rebels, leads the assault against the virus, the Knights create and establish means to defend ordinary citizens from potential attacks from the west. Led by Dr. Rolaeko Menguishi, they are centered in a secret ring in Saphania.


High Knight

The High Knight is the leader of the Serian Knights. His name is Rolaeko Menguishi, and he leads the Knights, unbeknownst to the Saphanian Council.


Knights lead the defensive operations that vary in scale. They're considered the "Field Team" of the Serian Knights.


Scribes have a lot of different jobs, from research and development to intelligence gathering. While some of them partake in field operations as well, they primarily function as support for the Knights.


Knaves are trainees who are learning the ins and outs of the Knights' operations.

Knights Outside the Rings

There is a faction of Knights that operate outside of their main territory of Saphania. While they don't lead large-scale defenses or assaults against the Corruption, they focus on preventative and smaller-scale issues that could potentially become large outbreaks. A good example is Frank Soughton, a Knight who works undercover at a college in Auron under the suspicion that two of his students are actually Corrupted in disguise.

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