The sweet, musically talented head of the Naginata family, Incubus is a sultry mother figure who excitedly supports Xenon Naginata’s endeavor to spread his sickness. She lives in the Bloodstone Crown with her Guardians, known as the “Blancs.”


<3: Sex, Baking, Music

<//3: Rejection, Burnt Food, Confrontations

+: Hospitable, Kind, Agreeable

-: Selfish, Pushy, Overemotional

Incubus considers herself to be the kindest of the three Warlords, and she’d be right. She is empathetic to a fault, something her brothers struggle with on a daily basis (though Xenon seems to be getting better). She keeps her domain relatively tidy and obeys Xenon almost blindly. She doesn’t like tense situations, always acting as a mediator before her emotions boil over. She’s also very promiscuous and confident in her appearance and doesn’t handle rejection well.


Incubus is a 9’ tall Oniyan woman. Her long, blonde hair is slicked back, and her bangs are curly and frame either side of her face. The end of her long hair behaves like a flame. She has a single black beauty mark under her left eye and has heterochromia; her left eye is silver, and her right eye is red. She has full lips and a round, petite face. Her shoulders are broad, and she has wide hips and large breasts. She has long, silky-smooth legs and four black “claw marks” on her hips.


Slime-Coated Queen: Incubus wears a skintight top and long skirt made of Parasite’s blood. She wears black lipstick on her top lip and varying bright neon-colored lipstick on her bottom lip, red the most often. She wears eyeshadow and eyeliner to match her lipstick as well. Though it’s rare that people see her legs, she wears red platform flip-flops with small yellow daisies lining the soles.

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