Meridith, one of the ID'd Phantoms.

Dragoon looks back on his life as a ruthless mercenary and expresses deep regret.

If only he had fallen into Father' s arms a bit sooner...

Also known as "ID'd". In this case, someone's "identity" is what makes them their own person, ie personality traits, memories, habits, etc. Phantoms and Nero Guardians "lose" their "identity", until they are assigned one. 

Personality Restored!

While basic memories and personalities remain, any negative tendencies from a person's previous life such as harming others, disobeying, backstabbing, etc. are eradicated by the Hive Mind. As such, those who have been ID'd are simply freed from the heavy influence that the Hive Mind had over their thoughts, emotions, and outward behavior. Even stranger is the effect that the Corruption has on someone's opinion of something from their past life.

Restoration Process

Restoration of someone's Identity is closely monitored by the Hive Mind-- especially its main branch. Usually, this process is performed via Conscious Rewiring, though there have been instances of Rewiring performed while the target is unconscious. Examples of Unconscious Rewiring include Rewiring with an egg and complete Consumption.


The target is Rewired. See Rewiring (main article).

Mental Overload (Main Branch of Hive Mind)

The target is temporarily exposed to the strongest branch of the Hive Mind and thus driven to the brink of insanity. They simply end up brain dead for a bit, staring blankly into nothingness and unable to express any coherent thoughts.


Bits and pieces of their personalities and memories are restored. The target, having been completely brainwashed, now has their basic core Identiy restored while still linked to the Hive Mind.

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