Known as the “Sketchy Knight”, Frank Soughton shares a few traits with his nephew, Danny (perhaps it’s the other way around). By day, he is a carefree college professor who bakes cookies and chases butterflies. By night, however, he is a dangerous Knight, protecting the innocent people of La Seri from Corruption at any cost.


<3: Bugs (Especially Butterflies), Baking, Basking

<//3: Cold Weather, Horror, Being Rushed

+: Calm, Hospitable, Cunning -: Manipulative, Punny, Aloof

Despite his reputation as a dangerous Knight, Frank does his best to remain as hospitable and open-minded as possible. He has a lot of anxiety that he hides by baking things for his nieces, nephews, and daughter-in-law. He’s lighthearted and very well-meaning, though his uncommonly calm nature can be off-putting to some. He loves to crack jokes, and he’s very selective about what he shares with whom, as he taught Danny. Not many people know of his past as an Azure Guardian.

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