"Exes" are ex-Corrupted who have been partially freed from the Corruption Virus. They are not considered Pure or Untainted because there are still deposits of Venom inside of them. They still have many properties of a Corrupted, such as immense speed, durability, endurance, and flexibility, but certain abilities, more specifically ones that require use of the Corrupted Aura put them in danger of relapsing. Because of the venom deposit, Exes are often obliged to take medications formed from White Mountain Herb and even Light Crystals.

Venom and the Ex

Exes generally try their best to get away from Corruption, but the presence of Venom in their body makes this task difficult. Exes generally try to use abilities that don't require the channeling of Tainted energy. They also take a sort of "medication", which is a combination of concentrated White Mouintain Herb and a stimulant. However, Exes with higher Venom levels tend to show more aggressive resistance to this medication, the White Mountain Herb, Light Crystals, and Pure energy.

The "Scars"

Each and every Ex has a set of "Scars" they carry with them for eternity. Universally, Exes have the same "Physical Scars"; their bodies are still elongated, and the first spot they cut into during Phase 7 remains as a dark grey scar. They also bleed a dark, cool grey, as opposed to the black blood of their Corrupted counterparts. Their tongues are still black, and though they no longer have carnivorous teeth, they still have fangs.

The Psychological Scars are a bit more complicated to explain, but the Exes are more subject to go through the last 3 of the seven stages of corruption, better known there as "the Corruption virus", unless they are treated. There is also a repetition of certain tendencies that the Ex picked up while they were corrupted. For example, Luke Hirigani sleeps every three nights and starves himself on many occassions.

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