Essences List(2)

The Essences and Essence Combos of La Seri.

An "Essence" in Ambrosia is another term used to describe the elements in addition to other supernatural powers used by gifted people, some of whom are involved in the War Against/For Corruption.

List of Essences

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Ice
  • Psychic
  • Time
  • Gravity
  • Speed
  • Sound
  • Digi
  • Flora
  • Camo

Essence Combinations

When two or more Essences are put together, they work side-by-side, combining to create an Essence Combo. There are 9 official Essence combinations in all, and more are being made as those who master the Essences become skilled and manage to combine the Essences. Below is a list of all of the offiical Essence combinations and the essences that make them.

  • Storm- Water, Lightning, Wind
  • Blizzard- Ice, Wind
  • Quake- Earth, Gravity
  • Anti-Gravity- Gravity, Psychic, Time
  • Volcano- Water, Earth, Fire
  • Quicksilver- Time, Gravity, Speed, Sound
  • Crystal- Ice, Earth
  • Netosis- Digi, Psychic
  • Teleport- Speed, Camo, Psychic

Invented Essence Combinations

  • Firestorm (Invented by Luke)- Fire, wind, lightning

Essence States

By default, each and every Essence's state is neutral. However, one's Aura can influence both the color and state of the Essence they use.

  • Neutral: The Essence is either teal or gold in color.
  • Pure: The Essence is blue in color. Ultra Pure Essences are White.
  • Corrupt: The Essence is purple in color. Ultra Corrupt Essences are Black.
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