Known as the Malevolent King, Destiny craves solitude even more so than Luke, who he mentored while he was Corrupted. Despite his position as one of the heads of the Corrupted and his status as an Echo, a lot of his actions are for the sake of the “Balance.” Simply put, he doesn’t want his brother to break out of the Hurricane.


<3: Solitude, Reading, Tea                               

<//3: Being Bothered, Hot Weather, Lust

+: Loyal, Book Smart, Protective                   

-: Hostile, Dismissive, Snobby

Those who know Destiny refer to him as a “bitter betty.” He is a cynic by nature, often questioning Xenon’s motives. He’s a very strong-willed prude, though his lust for his sister, Incubus, constantly gnaws at his sub-conscience.

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