Danny Soughton is a young, very secretive Auronian male who utilizes his devious, sneaky ways for the power of good. His most notable quirk is that he can disguise himself as a small teddy bear. There’s no clear explanation of where this power came from, but he’s one of the few Serians that can utilize this ability.


<3: High places, Wind Surfing, Ice Cream  

<//3: Sub-terranean places, Velcro, Smoke

+: Truthful, Agreeable, Hospitable               

-: Spontaneous, Restless, Secretive

While he appears to be a funny, dull-witted young man, Danny knows a lot more than he lets on. On the other hand, perhaps “dull-witted” isn’t too far off a description, considering his tendency to seek thrills. He lies about his emotional state, feeling dread more often than content. There’s a lot of fear behind that goofy smile of his…

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