Count Drakken, Ion Dragos' "afterlife" persona.

Name: Count Leon Drakken

Alias: Ion Dragos (Earth), Crimson Oracle

Age: 78 cycles as of Rose for Shurinai

Rank: General of Blanc and Nero Guardians; Parasite King

In his previous life, Drakken was an ambitious scholar who studied paranormal phenomena when he stumbled across information pertaining to the "Phantom Dimension", a dimension similar to but completely different from a sort of spirit realm in that it suddenly disappeared off the Interdimensional Map. This leads to the founding of the "Phangothian" ("Shangothian" if they're Ambrosian) cult, which eventually branched across the worlds and galaxies. When Drakken died, he left instructions for his burial so that he could be born again in the Phantom Dimension.

The Crimson Oracle

Drakken is the Crimson Oracle and the first Oracle to go against the Diamonian's wishes of protecting the Life Stream due to his obsession with Corruption that was triggered when he read "evil text" while preparing a lesson for his class on extra terrestrial life. As the Crimson Oracle, Drakken has helped Xenon Naginata (then Xenon Nata) harness the virus that bonded with and became him. He is responsible for the invention of the Leviathan Parasite and the birth of the Parasite Kings/Queens class, when he fed into Xenon's madness and drank his blood.

In For Better or Worse

Drakken appears at the end of For Better or Worse as the mysterious being who gives Travis tips on how to revive the Three Warlords of the Corrupted race.

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