Venom is referred to as the "Essence of Corruption". This mysterious, otherworldly liquid has highly infectious properties. A cool, glowing, purple liquid, Venom contains the Corruption virus and is responsible for the mutations and even the sentience of Parasite Blood. Venom is also responsible for the high urge for a Corrupted to infect someone, as it self-replicates when inside a host. The more potent the Venom, the faster the Corruption Process. 

The Black Venom

A lot more infectious than normal Venom, the Black Venom is a black, sticky liquid (not to be confused with Parasite Blood) that has a faint purple glow and is oddly warm to the touch. This Venom is only found inside of Xenon Naginata, who has a more advanced Venom sac with two levels of Venom, the Black Venom being on the bottom. When this type of venom reaches over the 50% mark, Naginata is forced to create a Nest. If it completely reaches 100%, Naginata would create a Black Nest, an area of utter Corruption. However, with his host, this Venom tends to make him sick. Black Nests are extremely rare; there are only a total of two in La Seri.

Venom Sickness

Venom Sickness is the result of a Corrupted’s venom level threshold being broken. While in this state, the corrupted being experiences dizziness, nausea, and occasional vomiting. This will usually persist until the Corrupted lowers their venom level below the threshold by any means, the most preferred being through infecting someone else. The sensation brought about from the desire to infect another person is referred to as "Hunger." People and creatures who have been corrupted for a long period of time and those infected with Black Venom can slowly build a tolerance to the sickness.

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