Venom is referred to as the "Essence of Corruption". This mysterious, otherworldly liquid has highly infectious properties. A cool, glowing, purple liquid, Venom contains the Corruption virus and is responsible for the mutations and even the sentience of Parasite Blood. Venom is also responsible for the high urge for a Corrupted to infect someone, as it self-replicates when inside a host. The more potent the Venom, the faster the Corruption Process. 

The Black VenomEdit

A lot more infectious than normal Venom, the Black Venom is a black, sticky liquid (not to be confused with Parasite Blood) that has a faint purple glow and is oddly warm to the touch. This Venom is only found inside of Xenon Naginata, who has a more advanced Venom sac with two levels of Venom, the Black Venom being on the bottom. When this type of venom reaches over the 50% mark, Naginata is forced to create a Nest . If it completely reaches 100%, Naginata would create a Black Nest, an area of utter Corruption. However, with his host, this Venom tends to make him sick. Black Nests are extremely rare; there are only a total of two in La Seri.