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The Corruption Virus is a virus that mutates the minds and bodies of its victims to create slightly demented, sickly, and powerful yet fragile beings. The virus actually kills and/or reanimates the victim, often leaving a shell of the person or actually incorporating the person's behaviors and memories into the mind frame of the undead being, resulting in an intellectual, undead creature.

These are the transformations that occur:

  • Tongue flushes black and becomes pointed + stretchable.
  • Teeth become sharper, and canines are sharpened and slightly enlarged (which results in them being mistaken for vampires).
  • Another row of teeth appears in the host's restructured upper and lower jaws. However, the actual teeth remain retracted until the host transforms into their "Released" state.
  • Their internal organic and skeletal structure are compromised and replaced, resulting in a being with long limbs, pointed spinal columns (they grow a tail when in their Released state), and black, retractable claws.

Venom is the essence of Corruption; the buildup is what creates Corrupted "Hunger", which motivates the creatures to spread the virus. Corrupted followers appear to be delusional, referring to it constantly as "Father's Love" and a "gift".

Methods of Infection

There are several ways that one can be infected with the virus. The Naginata are experimenting every day in an attempt to uncover new and efficient ways to spread the virus.

  • venomous kiss (from an Infected/Corrupted): Pretty self explanatory. The Venom deposit, located in the Infected/Corrupted's saliva, is transferred over to the victim through a kiss on the lips; the more passionate/sensual the kiss is, the more Venom is transferred, and the faster the victim turns.
  • venomous bite (from an Infected/Corrupted): the venom deposit is injected via the Infected/Corrupted's teeth.
  • venomous scratch (from an Infected/Corrupted): An Infected/Corrupted shift the venom deposit to their claws, activating "Venom Claw". The victim comes in contact with this Venomized claw.
  • Parasite bite: Similar to venomous bite, only the victim is attacked by a Parasite.
  • Intercourse (from an Infected/Corrupted): The Venom is located in the Infected/Corrupted's bodily fluids.
  • Tongue in Ear: The high-ranked Oniyan breaks through the victim's ear drum; Venom leaks from the creature's tongue into the victim's blood stream.
  • Ingested Parasite: the victim (be it willing or not) swallows any model of the Parasite, even an egg. Naturally, larger Parasite models such as Anguilla, Pygo and Scorpion can't be swallowed, though smaller variations of Pygo and Scorpion can be ingested.
  • Parasite Intrusion (A Parasite forced itself into the victim's body): Similar to Ingested in that it involves a Parasite, though the Parasite enters a wound or any other opening aside from the mouth.
  • Absorption: A Nero Guardian or a Parasite King/Queen absorbs ("consumes") the victim.
  • Inhalation of Airborne Venom: "Dark Matter" (gaseous Venom) is inhaled by the victim. This only applies in Oniyex or a Nest.
  • Attacked by Parasite Blood: This liquid, found in Corrupted and Parasites alike, becomes Sentient after 5 seconds of contact with open air, leaping into any opening on the victim it can find.
  • Masked: A high-ranked Corrupted forms a mask of Parasite Blood on the victim's face. Some of the Venom produced by the mask leaks into the victim's eyes, nostrils, and mouth.
  • Rewiring: Direct brainwashing/infection. Similar to the tongue in ear method, though there are other variations of Rewiring. The victim is Corrupted through forced contact with the Hive Mind (the brain actually gives the body the signal to produce Venom). Of course, any Venom transferred in any physical contact would push the Corruption along further.
  • Injected Venom: Pure Venom is injected into the blood stream via a needle/any other means that isn't a tongue, bite, or kiss.

"The Bomb"

Another recently developed method of infection, the Bombing technique includes the use of highly concentrated Parasite eggs compiled into a single solid/liquid and forced down the throat of a victim, who proceeds to violently vomit these eggs into the open world. The person ends up in a coma and skips to Phase 4 of infection. While the Bombing technique appears to be stage 3, the difference lies in the contents of the vomit-- in this instance, the Parasite Eggs.

Symptoms of Infection

Though many experiences with the virus are unique to many, certain symptoms are common among most people who are infected with Naginata's virus. Many common symptoms are as follows, and some people may not experience certain symptoms.

- coughing up black blood
- irregular, shaky and quick-paced breathing patterns
- slowed pulse
- dilated pupils
- uncontrollable trembling
- low body temperatures
- high tolerance to pain
- rapidly healing wounds
- hysteria
- hallucinations
- beast-like levels of aggression and hostility
- increased speed
- unexplainable increase in strength
- deadly accuracy
- sharpened teeth
- vomiting (the body's attempt to reject the infection; a black liquid is usually present)
- mutated spinal column (see Figure 2) - aggressive desire to commit suicide
- unbalanced functioning of the nervous system (victim will be subject to bouts of trembling, twitching, and stuttering)

Phases of Infection

There are 7 general phases of turning. Some phases are more apparent than others; some of them happen without even the affected knowing that it’s happening. Given the estimated periods each phase occurs, there is no set period of time that people deal with them. Some take longer to turn than others, and vice versa. Some people actually skip through phases, depending on their physical state, the method of infection, and any parties involved in the turning.

Phase 1 (Mild Symptoms)

Slight cough, dizziness, chills, resting bpm is lower than usual.

Phase 2 (Moderate Symptoms)

Cough is heavier, double vision, small periods of vertigo, numbness to temperature, resting heart rate is higher than normal due to uncontrollable panic, as the body realizes that something is out of order.

Phase 3 (Attempted Rejection) The body attempts to reject the virus' spawn (a Parasite) The victim vomits up quite a bit of blood, and the coughing gets worse (there is a high risk that the victim will choke). Vomiting usually lasts for about 4-5 minutes or until the victim's body gives up.

Phase 4 (Internal Consumption)

The parasite proceeds to empty its contents inside the victim, allowing its fleshy contents to devour the victim's internal structure and make way for a new internal system. The victim supposedly dies and awakens about 8-10 hours later. While the victim is "dead", the parasite's shell merges with the victim's spinal column.

Phase 5 (Hysteria)

The victim's pulse has been slowed massively and his/her breathing pattern is completely distorted. Trembling wildly, the victim enters a state of hysteria, having many frequent hallucinations. The victim is usually immobile during this phase. It is only a matter of time before the victim is completely desensitized.

Phase 6 (Aggressive Infection)

The victim is thrown into a phase of aggression, attacking and infecting any living thing within its range. He/she has been granted deadly accuracy, increased strength and speed, a high tolerance to pain, sharp teeth (for injecting the parasite blood, usually referred to as "demon blood" or "venom"), and sharpened senses.

Phase 7 (Self-Mutilation)

After a few days, the victim has a mental breakdown and attempts to kill his/herself with anything he/she can find. After butchering him/herself to a certain degree, the victim's blood gives off a scent that tips the senses of nearby Guardians, who find, capture, and take the victim to Oniyex to be completely corrupted.

The Stealth Strain

A variation of the sickness in which Phases 1-4 are not as apparent as they normally would be. While the host appears to skip to Phase 5, the truth is Phases 1-4 are compacted into a single sweep; the Parasite and its venom are specially designed to appear to the brain as if they belong in the victim's system. After Phase 4, they reach Phase 5, hysteria, but it is varied depending on the person's psychology to appear normal. It is at Phase 6 that it becomes blatantly obvious that the person is infected, though even that and Phase 7 can be semi masked over; the person might distance his/herself from society, which may or may not be normal for him/her.

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