A type of collective consciousness where individuality is stifled. The more prominent partition of the Oniyan hive mind is exclusively focused in the Naginata clan. These beings use it to communicate, broadcast intelligence information, and other more intrusive uses. For example, people like Xenon Naginata and Incubus the Benevolent often use it as a tool; Naginata uses it to control peoples' minds, and Incubus uses it to mess with peoples' sexual hormones.

Guardians and the Hive Mind

The Hive Mind was actually the base for the Guardian Program that was developed by Xenon Naginata under the advisory of Count Drakken. It is constantly updated by Xenon and his niece, Moosa Naginata. It is what makes the Guardians behave as one conscience and has been segmented into units so that the head of each sub partition of the Hive Mind has absolute control over the Guardians, moreso the Neros than any other rank, though controlling an Elite or Noble's mind is possible.Guardians are directly synced to the Hive Mind through their masks, though it still has a grip on all Corrupted-- and even some who are Exes.

It is said that when certain people open their eye(s) while wearing a Guardian Mask, their mind is forced into a Full Synchronization with the Hive Mind for a brief period of time. The effects of this have yet to be known.

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