There are a variety of combat styles that govern the manner in which each fighter behaves on the battlefield.

  • Strikers are aggressive and quick by nature. They enjoy their spot in the frontlines, cutting through the opposition with speed and force.
  • Tanks are second in the lineup. They are moving walls of defense, though their endurance and defense slow them down. Some Strikers can switch to Tank mode and vice versa.
  • Saboteurs, similar to Strikers, aggressively push into enemy lines. However, Saboteurs focus on using their cunning and wit to disrupt enemy operations from within.
  • Healers hang in the back of the lineup. They are support roles; not only do healers cure ailments, but they enhance their team's abilities at the cost of their own mobility.
  • Ghosts are stealth-type fighters who function similar to Saboteurs. However, Ghosts focus more on incapacitating enemy personnel.
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