“He’s better off dead.” —Luke Hirigani

A brooding Auronian youth with a short temper, Cid is a ray surfer who somehow got caught up in the War Against Corruption. He and his little brother live with his longtime friends, Felix, and Eto in Blueberry Mansion. He has no idea who’s paying his bills, but he’s more concerned about the possibility of being infected…


<3: Surfing, Spicy Food, Video Games   

<//3: Corruption, His Father, Things That Are Small and Fast

+: Open, Resourceful, Loyal    

-: Tense, Overindulgent, Bad Mannered

Cid isn’t the easiest person to get to know, but once someone has gained his trust, he’s a friend for life. He may be blunt in the way he talks, but he’s inadvertently hurtful. Felix, his friend, says that he’s just perpetually scared, and that may hold true. This still brings up the question of why he’s so angry all the time.


Cid is a 5’6” Auronian male with bright, unkempt blonde and green hair. The most alarming feature of his is his sharp, pointed teeth. This, of course, is a sour topic for him. He has a lanky build and broad shoulders. His eyebrows are busy, lending to his rough appearance.

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