There are many characters in this series, the majority of them coming from the Naginata clan, a clan of mischievous parasites seeking to spread their corrupted influence across the globe. The four main groups in this series are the Naginata, the Rebels, the Slayers, and the Executioners. Each are at constant war against each other, and the Naginata appear to be multiplying at an alarming rate.

-The Corrupted

-The Hunters (Rebels and Slayers)

-The Executioners

-The Outsiders

Chosen vs Unchosen

Many times during this series (and even other series that link to this one like Ethereal Phantasy) you may hear "Chosen" and "Unchosen". These terms are applied to the people of Ambrosia and perhaps even other worlds, dimensions, etc.


The "Chosen" are the people that do not live in La Seri but can detect it and its inhabitants. How the Chosen are selected is a mystery, but it's safe to say that compared to the amount of people living in the entire world of Ambrosia, there are few Chosen (for every 1,000,000 Unchosen, there is one Chosen). These people can consider themselves to either be blessed or cursed; some Chosen even dream about events that occur in La Seri and can even end up trapped on the island for a short period of time. If a Chosen dies, he/she may end up in La Seri, suggesting that the island is a spiritual island.


The "Unchosen" are people that can't detect La Seri and are even able to sail straight through it without detecting its land or inhabitants. A Chosen can convert an Unchosen by placing his/her hands on either side of the Unchosen's head and entering a spiritual phase that eventually completes the conversion. Unchosen can also become Chosen by inhabiting one of the Chosen's spiritual belongings (jewels the Chosen became attached to, etc.) Becoming a Chosen is really hard and can only happen when the two are really spiritually connected. (Best friends, married couple, etc.)

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