The Ceremony of Becoming is a ceremony that each member of the Royal faction of the Naginata Clan goes through when they turn 18 cycles.

After this person makes love to one of their fellow Corrupted, they'll be escorted out into the hall, where One of the Parasite Queens will present them with a white robe and a white flower. These will be symbols of their "Purity and Ignorance". They pack this flower and robe in a small bag, and then a chosen Brother of theirs will present you with a dagger made completely of black diamond. This is a symbol of their inner courage and their inner demon. After they've been given these things, the Parasite King will wait for them at the front door; they'll walk towards him with Guardians on each side, and he will then take you out of the mansion and the two of them will begin your tread into the Valley of Poison. It is here where the Altar is located, and it is here where the Emperor will get on his knees and ask the person to slit his neck and shed his blood onto their robe and flower. After their robe, dagger, and flower have been soiled, he will ask them to drink his blood from him. The person must be careful though, there's Pure Venom in his blood, and once they drink it, their body will seem to act on its own. The person will mask him/herself at this altar, willing or not, exposing them to the full Hive Mind. While in here, the Emperor reveals his true self to them, and they'll hear two voices: that of the Guardians, and that of The Emperor's. The Emperor's words will fill their mind to the brim with "Corruption and Ecstasy", which are basically those two voices that bring about those feelings. Afterwards, he'll release the person from that state. They'll wake up in one of the Queens' laps, surrounded by their family, and they'll welcome them home.

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