Celia, also known as Lambda by the Rebels, is an Auronian medical professional who works closely with injured and infected patients. She witnessed a harrowing outbreak at a clinic when she was young. Since then, she’s made it her goal to create an environment that is safe and free of Corruption so that no one must fear being treated.


<3: Helping people, friendly people, fresh-baked pastries             

<//3: People who whine, self-proclaimed psychos, seeing people get hurt

+: Generous, Humble, Motivated                

-: Naïve, “Punny”, Big Spender

A sweet, caring woman, Celia is one of the more approachable Rebels in the force. Her immense empathy and incredible focus have earned her a spot among the lieutenants. Despite her incredible friendliness, interacting with people takes a large toll on her energy, and so she undergoes phases where she’s more detached from the crowd.


Celia is a 5'3" Auronian woman with bright orange hair and dark grey eyes. Her hair is very curly and reaches her lower back. She has fair skin and a round face. She has a relatively dainty build, which she offsets with her clothing choices.

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