Auron is a massive metropolis that is divided into three levels: Downtown, Uptown, and Central. Central Auron is at the highest point in the district and is also the center of trade, commerce, and education.

Locations of Interest

Auro Island – The rumored location of Central Rebel HQ. This isle is constantly plagued by a sandstorm of mysterious origins, so no one outside of the Rebel forces have been able to confirm whether or not this isle is even inhabited.

Downtown Auron – The lowest point in Auron, also including the Golden Shore. Further inland is where most of the poorest citizens live; shantytowns and abandoned rail yards pepper this part of the district.

Uptown Auron – The second level in Auron, Uptown Auron is where a majority of Auronians live.

Central Auron – A number of landmarks are here in Central Auron, including the central branch of the Auron Education System and the Auronian Exposition Center.

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