Aura Vision


The neutral color of the environment and inanimate objects, through the eyes of someone who uses Aura Vision.

Aura Vision is a special type of sight that enables the user to detect someone’s aura. While using this method of sight, the environment and inanimate objects appear as one of the base colors: a neutral blue-green if the user is Infected, Neutral, Hallowed, or Pure, or a neutral purple if the user is Corrupted or an Echo.

Differences and Limitations

With normal Aura Vision, the user can detect the auras of other living things. Corrupted Aura Vision allows for the same, except the Corrupted user can see “trails”, that is, the movement of the living thing. These trails, depending on the experience of the user, can last for up to 24 hours before they start to dissipate.

Physical Effect

When one accesses Aura Vision, his/her eyes become void of all color, even the iris and pupil. The aura of the user becomes more prominent, potentially giving him/her away if someone else is using Aura Vision and happens to detect him/her.

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