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Corrupted Aura Vision.

Aura Vision is a special method of sightseeing used by both Corrupted and Untainted to detect the Life Force or Aura of another being and the surrounding area. There are two types of Aura Vision: Pure and Viral/Tainted/Corrupted. At a glance, there isn't much difference between the two, but there are more differences than one may think.

Physical Effect

When one accesses Aura Vision, his/her eyes become void of all color, even the iris and pupil. The Aura of the user becomes more prominent, potentially giving him/her away if someone else is using Aura Vision and happens to detect him/her.


Color is a crucial part of Aura Vision in that it serves as the indicator of how Corrupt/Pure something or someone has become. There are corresponding colors to each general venom level. There are such things as black and white aura, but the method of achieving those auras are unknown.

  • Purple (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Corrupted; some corrupted are actually nice people, like Remy for instance. Corruption levels range from 50-100%.
  • Teal (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Neutral. Some lean toward corruption, others fight against it. Corruption levels at 41-49%
  • Blue (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Pure Oracle. Corruption levels at 20-40%.
  • Gold (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Never infected, pure. Some people with Gold Auras are actually involved in the war. Corruption levels at 0-19%.
  • Base: Monochromatic cool gray for Pure Aura Vision, Monochromatic purple-gray for Viral Aura Vision
  • Green: Living, inanimate objects like plants, etc. Green with purple veins if Corrupted.

Pure Aura Vision

Pure Aura Vision (sometimes referred to as PAV or Pure AV) was the default method of sight for Diamonians and Platinians. It is difficult to access at first, but those who discover this method of sight are therefore able to channel their Life Force to use it for either Pure or Corrupted intentions. It is powered by natural and artificial light, therefore useless in pitch-black areas. The darker an environment becomes, the dimmer PAV becomes. This is used by Rebels and Slayers to detect "Bombs" and cloaked Corrupted. This method can be snuffed out in the prescence of Dark Matter, Dark Crystals, or even Tainted Herbs, even if there is a natural light source.

Tainted/Corrupted/Viral Aura Vision

While Viral Aura Vision has similiarities to PAV, there are many differences. This method came about when the Grey-Skinned Platinians were first Corrupted, "seeing the world through a Tainted lens", as the Diamonians prophecized. Viral Aura Vision doesn't require light to function, and can even serve as an enhancement to the Corrupteds' already impressive night-vision; rendering the darkest of areas as if it were fully lit. It can even be used as a tracker, picking up aura trails and even identifying where an aura pauses, as indicated in the picture above.. Unlike PAV, Corrupted can also see through solid objects with this method. The downside is, if it is composed of a pure substance, such as a light crystal or a white mountain herb, they can not see through it. Pure substances also make their VAV/CAV/TAV glitch out, rendering it completely useless.

While it is possible for an Untainted or Ex to be forced to access Viral Aura Vision, use of it is not suggested, as it rapidly increases the Venom level of the user. The longer VAV is used, the more an Untainted or Ex's breathing and pulse will become irregular, until he/she is thrown into a hysterical or aggressive frenzy. It's possible for an Ex to relapse or an Untainted with forced VAV to turn through this method of sight.

Who can inflict VAV?

By default, all Infected have access to this method of sight. However, as stated above, it's possible for VAV to be forced onto an Untainted or Ex. Only Manipulators can force this method of sight by anchoring their claws into the temple of the victim and forcing eye contact. Soon, the victim's sight blurs and he/she is overcome with nausea; his/her eyes actually bleed until he/she loses consciousness. The forced eye contact is what makes this method similar to Rewiring.

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