The Aura System is a mana-like system primarily created by three Diamonian gods to block Xenon's Corruption virus off from the rest of Ambrosia. Simply put, it is a composition of the planet's pure energy being used to counter the Corruption's tainted energy. However, it is a very complex system that is responsible for many things, such as the Great Hurricane, La Seri becoming a Phantom Island, the elemental "Essence" powers being used by Serians, and much more.

The Aura Essence and Color

Color serves as an indication of one's Purity/Corruption level and is primarily used in Aura vision . Color is also shown in elemental essence powers; for example, Luke's primary essence is fire. Due to his aura color being teal, that fire is also teal. However, Luke has the potential to tap into the White Aura, therefore, he can use the Essence of White Fire. While it is true that there are people who have standard colored elements, essence elements are a lot stronger and only work on a white-blue-gold-teal-purple-black spectrum.

So what exactly is the "Aura Essence"? The Aura Essence, or one's "Life Force", is the mana/chi/spiritual element that certain beings have the potential to channel into a physical form. The Aura Essence, often simply shortened to Aura when put to physical use, makes a large difference when being channeled into an element. (Essence of White Fire is hotter than standard fire, etc.)

Natural objects often emit a faint green Aura, some a bit stronger than others. Some people can actually channel their Aura into their weaponry. Below is a list of the colors used in the Aura System and the Corruption level percentages.

  • Purple (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Corrupted; some Corrupted are actually nice people, like Remy for instance. Corruption levels range from 50-99%.
  • Teal (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Neutral. Some lean toward corruption, others fight against it. Corruption levels at 41-49%
  • Blue (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Awakened Pure Oracle, in his/her "normal" state. Corruption levels at 20-40%.
  • Gold (for Sentient beings, animals, etc.): Never infected, pure. Some people with Gold Auras are actually involved in the war. Corruption levels at 1-19%.
  • Base: Monochromatic cool gray for Pure Aura Vision, Monochromatic purple-gray for Viral Aura Vision
  • Green: Living, inanimate objects like plants, etc. Green with purple veins if Corrupted.

Black vs White Aura

These two Auras are on both extremes of the Life Stream. No person is born with a White Aura, though, if they're a Pure Oracle and manage to fully awaken, their Auras will turn from blue to white while in their Oracle form. The Black Aura is the Aura of Corruption himself. His apprentices/vessels might have a Purple Aura that is infected with the Black Aura.

The Life Stream

The Life Stream is a collection of Auras. The overall balance of Auras in La Seri, which is a 25:75 Corrupted:Pure ratio, is what powers the Great Hurricane. The Stream can also be broken down into smaller areas, used to identify an area's Corruption level and so forth. Any area with at least 10% of Purity in the overall Life Stream prohibits the Corrupted from using their released forms without inflicting terrible pain on them.

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