Aura is the color of one's spiritual energy. By default, people who aren't corrupted have a gold aura. All Corrupted have a purple aura, unless they have been directly infected with Black Venom.

  • Pure: The exact opposite of Corruption itself. A Pure aura can only be created when two or more Oracles combine their powers.
  • Hallowed: Those with a Hallowed aura have

increased resistance against Corruption. Usually, Oracles have Hallowed auras, until they combine their spiritual energies, resulting in a Pure aura.

  • Neutral: The shimmering aura of neutrality. Those with Neutral auras are susceptible to viral infection.
  • Infected: Usually the aura of an Ex or someone turning

into a Corrupted.

  • Corrupted: Tainted by a mild version of the

virus’s essence, the Corrupted aura is violet in color.

  • Echo: Those with the Echo aura are infected with Black Venom—Corruption’s pure essence. Those with these dark auras tend to be on the mentally unstable side, “echoing” the direct thoughts and desires of Corruption itself. Perhaps this is why they’re called “Echoes.”

Aura Vision

Aura Vision is a special type of sight that enables the user to detect someone’s aura. (Read main article)

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