"Kitsie, you might have a teensy problem." — Ash Naginata

The sassy, saucy metrosexual prince, Ash spends his days on the prowl for any ladies looking to have a good time. Ash is the loudest of boldest of the first-generation dark princes, and he is always looking to find ways to spread “Daddy’s good, sweet love.”


<3: Women, Cooking, Music                                

<//3: Prejudice, Crying, “Catty” Behavior

+: Generous, Light-Spirited, Charming

-: Boastful, Spontaneous, Pushy

As loud as he is sassy and lovely, Ash is a flirt in every sense of the word. He has immense pride in his ancestry and is devoted to the Corruption virus, though not as much as his brother Travis, who he refers to as a “crazy boy.” His effeminate appearance and mannerisms often mislead others as to his sexual preference, but his comedic reaction to women says otherwise. He is kind and caring in spite of his womanizing ways. He’s very people-oriented, forming strong bonds with whoever lets him close. He’s easy-going and sensitive, so a lot of the Corrupted go to him for comfort.


Ash is a 6'9" tall Oniyan male with fiery orange hair. He has thick eyebrows like his father, and he slicks his hair back into large spikes to compliment his windswept bangs. His eyes are bright emerald green, and he sports a mysterious x-shaped scar on his face. His hair, which he shortens before going on missions, reaches his ankles.

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