"Gale, I--I'm sorry, buddy. Get out of Oniyex before Travis sends more of us. PLEASE."

— Andy

Andy Naginata, previously known as Andy Ramirez, lived his previous life as a cop who worked with occult cases. Now, he is a Noble Guardian who tries to avoid his duties, especially if his mentor is awake.


<3: Wind/Ray Surfing, Oceanic Wildlife, Working in Teams 

<//3: Drowning, Bullies, Slimy Politicians

+: Patient, Perceptive, Gallant

-: Indecisive, Emotional, Stubborn

A headstrong and determined man with a sense of justice that grows more unstable by the day, Andy has always considered himself to be a drifter, never sticking with a certain crowd during his original life. He is very observant and able to form a variety of solutions while on the move, but acting on said solutions is where he becomes hesitant. This becomes more apparent after his death when he wakes up as one of the Corrupted.


Andy is a 7' Oniyan male. His eyes are a blood orange color and his sclera are slightly yellow in color. He has a thicker build than most Corrupted with his stocky upper torso and muscular arms. He cuts his neon turquoise hair to keep it short and spiky, though he grows it out during family gatherings.


On Duty: Andy wears a Rouge Guardian uniform with his left sleeve hanging from his hip. Under the fur-trimmed robe is a black tank top and a dog tag, presumably his own. He wears the two small armbands meant for his right sleeve around his wrist.' 'Casual: Andy prefers to wear black, loose-fitting clothes. He still wears the black tank top, arm bands, and his dog tag as he would with his Guardian outfit.


Equipment: Gun Saber (Model B Buster), (2) Tonfa

Items: Golden Glamourstone, Dog Tag, Venom Vial, Hoverboard

Andy is incredibly formidable on the field due to his sheer strength and the size of his weaponry. He works primarily on the front lines, charging down enemies who dare to face him. He is slow when he uses his gun saber. His speed barely improves when he equips his tonfa, but he still hits very hard. A lot of his fighting style incorporates using his body as a means of defense.


  • Close friend (Possible love interest) of Gale Shurinai
  • Friendly rival of Danny Soughton
  • Mortal enemy of Jonathan Welkov
  • Pupil of Travis Naginata


In his previous life, Andy was born in Uptown Auron. His father and mother were Auronian peacekeepers and would tell him bedtime stories about their exploits in the field. Fascinated with their stories, Andy took a great interest in the peacekeepers and aimed to join when he was of age. He was pretty average in school; even his performance in physical education was mediocre (unless the activity involved agility and dexterity). Andy dropped out of his second year of college to join the peacekeepers, a feat which both surprised and disappointed his parents. Andy frequently encountered Gale Naginata, who was more often than not responsible for the disappearances of the victims of sexually violent crimes and eventually the deceased. He chased her around but couldn’t keep up with the cunning spider demoness.

  • Encounters Gale Shurinai some 10 cycles later. They catch up and become close friends.
  • As a peacekeeper, Andy was given an assignment as an undercover officer working for Welkov. He was framed for the destruction of the Central Auron Mall.
  • Takes a bullet for Gale. Dies from the wound.
  • His soul is corrupted and given temporary corporeal form. As a wandering spirit, he finds and possesses his corpse.
  • Becomes Travis’s pupil.

Dreamscape / Mindscape


On a warm summer evening in an arcade on the corner of an urban college campus, the soft beeping and humming of cabinets color the air. Snuggled near a food counter in a beanbag chair with a handheld console in one hand and a cup of cola in another, Andy enjoys his three-month break.


Andy does not appear to have a mindscape at the moment.


Andy was inspired by John Ramirez from Syphon Filter 2, a young CBDC agent who suffered and died during capture at the hands of a turncoat.

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