A boy-crazy Jagaian teacher who's looking for love. She has a soft spot for Rebels, finding them heroic, and they always manage to make her heart skip a beat. Although, there is one certain rebel that makes her forget about everything else whenever they're around her...


<3: Teaching, handsome Rebels, shopping

<//3: Being alone, having no makeup on, her own aggressive Jagaian nature

+: Caring, energetic, patient

-: Childish, obsessive, explosive anger

Being a Jagaian, Alice does have an aggressive side to her. She hates it, and exercises as much as possible to keep it in check.


Alice stands 5'5" tall when out of her beloved heels, and below all the bows and frills, is a well-trained body. She exercises a lot to keep her aggressive nature in check, but also to keep her body healthy. When she's not exercising, she dolls herself up with makeup, cute clothes, and bows. No matter what, she's always wearing at least one bow—going so far as to put a bow on her tail most days.

The only time you'll catch her out of her heels is at home or if she's running. Otherwise, nothing will stop her from wearing heels.

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