A very…spirited partner. Especially when he’s slammed some sake.

—Luke Hirigani

Akihito, otherwise known as Omega, is one of the most dangerous Rebels in the force. In fact, if not for Luke’s connection to Corruption, Omega would be even more dangerous than he is! He’s a fun-loving man who protects his descendant, Louis.


<3: Family (including the Rebels), Sake, Merriment     

<//3: Corruption, Disrespect, the Military

+: Friendly, Ambitious, Light-Hearted    

-: Boastful, Demanding, Illogical

Friendly and straightforward (often to a fault), Omega is a fun-loving warrior who’s seen his fair share of war and chaos. He and Louis often lighten the mood during Rebel meeting with their bickering and shenanigans. While he can be loud and boisterous, he is also very gentle, as seen with the way he handles animals.


Standing at an impressive 7’2”, Omega is a dark-skinned Jagaian with unkempt red hair that he’s pulled into a loose ponytail. He’s very muscular, most of the bulk resting in his upper body. His eyebrows are as messy as his hair, and often, his face is accented with a big smile. His beard is oddly styled, jutting from the sides of his squared jaw and tapering to a point. His sideburns and beard, coupled with his hair, looks almost like a lion’s mane.


On Duty: Omega wears a grayish-blue kimono and dark blue hakama. His kimono isn’t traditional, as the sleeves are rolled up to reveal the white cuffs on the reverse side. The left cuff juts outward and is clipped by a golden triangle cufflink. He’s bandaged his upper body, possibly as a simple fashion statement. He wears white tabi and gold geta to accent his outfit like the cuffs on his kimono. He always wears large prayer beads, this outfit being complimented by gold ones.


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